Friday, November 11, 2005

Random holiday thoughts

Yep...this image pretty much sums up our experience watching Chicken Little today. I'm so glad we had movie passes and didn't waste money.

I am not a fuddy-duddy normally...but this movie is NOT appropriate for small children. Rated ass. In the first sequence, Chicken Little is darn near killed several times. There is too much going on...scary stuff. We made it about forty minutes in before Sam decided he would rather "go home and play with trains." I couldn't argue with him. It was just awful. What happened to Disney?

And questions that remain from this viewing...Why do fish have to wear helmets?


Standing in Lowe's holding a miniature spruce tree in my hand...

"I'm conducting a class on how to decorate those tomorrow, if you'd like to attend. You can put real lights or these little glass ornaments on them!"

"Thanks, but this is for the cemetery, I think we'll stick with bows."

"Oh, lots of people use the bows. I even use those in MY house."

Gee thanks.


"Is this for your table centerpiece?"

"Actually, it's for the cemetery."

"Do you do this every year?"

"Actually, it's our first year."

"Does the cemetery throw them away?"

"No, our cemetery is very good about allowing things between October and April."

"My mom told me about a cemetery where they'll leave the flowers you take out there for a week and then pick them up and give them to an old folks home or something."

Huh...ain't that something...thanks for sharing.


Trying to explain to a three-year-old why people are buried in a cemetery is..................tricky.


And when you think he's sleeping and you're talking about how you got pregnant with him and his brother...just know that he's not sleeping and he'll pipe up from the backseat, "But mommy, you are wrong, I don't live with Baby Alex."


What happened to John Lithgow that he's now doing cheesy Campbell's Soup song-and-dance commercials?


When you leave the movie theater early with a three-year-old in tow and overhear a marching band's perfectly acceptable to drive on over and make yourselves into a small three-person audience.


May 11th, I left my baby behind physically. Six months later I still have the urge to dig him up just to hold him.

When it first happened, I thought six months was such a horribly long time. Today it still feels like just yesterday...six months gone in the blink of an eye. It was tortuously slow in some ways...and gone too quickly in others. I feel a greater distance...but the ache is still there.

An anniversary for our family.


A day to remember those who served our country in the military.

Thank You.


holley said...


John Lithgow is also writing children's books. I don't have any of them, but they are out there.

Lorem ipsum said...

I thought of my grandfather today. He died right after I found out I was pregnant in January. He was a WWII veteran and this is the first Veterans Day I haven't been able to call him up. I miss him more than I realize.

And on a similar thought... you ALL live with Baby Alex. Someday his brother will understand that.

msfitzita said...

I love your random thoughts, even when they're difficult to read (and much more difficult to write, I'm sure). Thanks for always making me think.

Julie said...

Oh Catherine, I just don't know how to explain those things to a 3 year old, especially when it's all we can do to grasp it for ourselves. There are just some things we should never ever know.

And I still want to dig Caleb up sometimes too.......

Lisa P. said...

I am sorry that the folks at Lowe's didn't get it. Heck, I'm sorry when I don't get it, and that's probably more often than I want it to be. :(


¡P! said...


Suddenly glad we decided not to go see Chicken Little.

We're still holding out for some movie about a boy wizard or something like that... you know the one...