Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I feel old

I remember when it was THE thing to get a real silver flute or piccolo. Then, in college, I was introduced to the joys of the wooden piccolo. I even stumbled across one a fellow cashier at Discount Drug Mart was trying to sell in the summer of my Junior year...and I convinced my parents to buy it for me at an unbelievable price (I still feel a bit guilty that the girl didn't know what she was selling).

It was such good fun. Cold Friday nights in the marching band. Drinking hot cocoa and dancing around like a crazy person in the stands with my friend Kerry. Flirting with the boys in the drum section. Cheering and chanting, "We've got spirit...how 'bout you?"

But today...today you can get a purple piccolo. That's right...any color of the rainbow is available for your musical use. Purple, pink, green, orange, blue...it's all the latest rage.

I wonder if they still do the same cheers? It would seem they would get passed down from generation to generation...like a comfortable old story or song...or a delicious family recipe you make for special occasions.

I saw Kerry in some lawyer magazine a while back...she looks different, as we all do. Turns out she's an attorney who works to protect the rights of special education students. I really should give her a call just to say hi.

I don't play my piccolo anymore. It sits upstairs in that room...the spare room that was to be Alex's room. Today, for some reason, I really want a purple piccolo.


holley said...


I didn't totally enjoy my high school years, but I loved band. Don't you think the Band Directors would put the kabosh on any flute or piccolo that wasn't in a school color?

Chas recently retrieved my flute from downstairs. We figured that playing again would help my asthma.

Go for the purple piccolo!

msfitzita said...

I totally think you should buy a purple piccolo. I say do it!

Kathy McC said...

Wow...I feel old, too. I thought I was so cool because I got a flute with a gold lip. And my favorite cheer was:

"U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you're ugly, YEAH YEAH you're ugly!"

Thanks for bringing back some good, carefree memories. Those were the good ol' days (even though I hated high school).