Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yesterday went relatively well with only two slight incidents with the posthole digger.

The slipped out of Steve's hands and the auger remained still while the machine spun furiously around and around in a maddening, "catch me if you can," sort of way. Would have been funny if not so darn dangerous. Steve lost no fingers catching it, while I stood there dumbfounded as to what to do if he couldn't catch it. Stand there and let it run out of gas was my choice. I guess power tools just are not my thing.

The second...I was walking over the meet the mail lady who had driven up the drive to deliver the lampshades I bought off eBay (I'm relatively happy with them, thanks for asking), when I hear, "AAUUGGHH!" I looked over to see Steve holding the machine in one hand and the right side of his jaw in the other. My question, quite naturally was, "Did you break anything?" Steve answered, "I'm all right." Lesson learned...keep your face away from any machinery that has the potential to spin around and knock you silly.

But we got all the posts in. In one day! Imagine that! Another lesson learned...power tools, even though I'm deathly afraid of them, are beautiful things when they expedite an otherwise torturous chore.

Today we're going to opt out of the Pumpkin Festival in order to get more work done. Quite honestly, the Pumpkin Festival sounds like more fun, but we live in NE Ohio and must accept the fact that in the Snow Belt, we don't get a lot of nice weather in October. We need to get a move on before we're buried under three or four feet of the white stuff.

This morning we're only slightly sore, so our enthusiasm is still holding. Maybe not quite as strong as it was yesterday morning... but if we can manage not to hurt one another, it will be a good day.

By the way...I think they know we're building them a doggy playground and the dogs are VERY excited. :o)


gabesmama said...

Fun! I wish I had one for Loa. Today I walked her for the first time and she did incredibly well. We made it two housed down, but this was much more productive then what usually happens when I put her outside, which is that she just sits and eats leaves, grass, anything that she can stick in her mouth.

Lorem ipsum said...

That's great comedy! Glad no one got hurt and so it's okay to laugh.

ps How does the hole look?

Jill said...

Well done! I am trying to work up the courage to let K use an auger to dig a trench for a wall. It is usually something I would take care of myself, so it may just have to wait!

Also glad you got out of it with only a little soreness:)