Thursday, October 13, 2005

Work...or something like it

Today I was going to take some time and write a really thoughtful post. But when I came into work (where I do some of my best blogging...always on my lunch break, of course), there was a note on my computer screen that said, "Catherine, I am working on your computer, please do not touch. Marc" Marc is the computer geek here at work. I discovered the note almost five hours ago. He's still not done. In fact, he thinks he has unleashed a virus in my computer that will require it to be wiped clean and reformatted.

So here I sit, in the corner office on the other side of the furnace closet. The office that a co-worker vacated at the first opportunity because the roof leaks and the walls and floors vibrate when the furnace/air conditioning turns on. We affectionately call it the vibrating office...where you have fun...just be careful not too much fun. Aside from the vibrations, the desk is stacked with water-wrinkled file boxes and papers from the last time the ceiling leaked and flooded the whole darn office (thank goodness there's no serious threat of rain today or I might be sitting here typing while holding an umbrella). There is literally a two foot clear space on the edge of the desk in which I'm supposed to work. I'm feeling a bit...claustrophobic. I cannot close the door and engage in my normal type-and-cry-fest that would leave me ready and willing to face the remainder of the day.

Do they not know that I can't work in these conditions...let alone blog?

Excuse me while I walk back to my office to retrieve the phone number of a client I need to call...

Oh holy heck! He's closed the door! To MY office! As though I shouldn't interrupt him!!!


MB said...

I was just sitting here thinking that I am calling in sick tomorrow. Work sucks.

Sweet Coalminer said...

I hope he's not *touching himself* ;)

Holly Golightly said...

Welcome to my world...the no computer access business is killing me!!