Thursday, October 13, 2005

Let me tell you about my day

As I've said before, my bullshit meter is a bit off kilter since Alex died. It doesn't take too much to set me off. So the computer thing today at work really was a hassle. I dealt with it and was pretty proud of myself. All in all, not a bad day since I managed to miraculously get some work done in my weird little vibrating closet.

But then...and you knew there was going to be a kicker to this story...

I go to start my car...foot on the brake pedal the way you're supposed to do...and foot goes to the floor. What the...? I get out and examine what I can only guess to be brake fluid all over the inside of the rim of the left rear tire. These are the new brakes I had put in on August 17th. These are the new brakes that cost me $592.13. And you know what the manager of the location tells me? "IF it's something we did, hopefully it's not, we will reimburse you for whatever it costs you to have it fixed, including towing."

IF?!?! I am about freaking ready to go postal. Do you KNOW the kind of day I've had? Do you KNOW that my bullshit meter has reached capacity for today?

I'm off to find a tow truck...and then I'm going to have a good cry.


MB said...

I'm sorry Catherine. It seems like some days nothing goes right. I hope you make it to the brake place and that asshole gets brakefluid in his eye.

Julie said...

Wow, bad luck travels fast.
Sorry you had it, and I hope they fix the problem.

Jill said...

If? IF???? You just tell him what he's gonna do about it and how fast he's gonna get it done. You tell him about the bullshit metre and how it has reached its peak. You scare the bejaysus out of him cos it'll make a great story to bring back here and we'll all be very proud of you.

But other than that, it sucks. Why can't people just do things properly inthe first place??

Marlayna said...

Oh good grief Kate...I'm sorry. :(

Lisa P. said...

Aww, NO! That's terrible and that manager's attitude sux. I hope that it got better. :(