Saturday, October 29, 2005

Things I like about today

~I slept until 10am under warm covers.
~My period is almost over.
~Sam and Steve slept until 11am under warm covers giving me an hour of blissful peace to myself.
~The sun is shining in NE Ohio!
~I've reached the bottom of the Raisin Bran box...where all the raisins reside. yum!
~Sam and I are both feeling human again, thank you very much.
~This is supposed to be peak weekend for fall colors in our area.
~After a week of rain, the horses will get to go out and run around.
~We're going to work on our fence and our flower garden today.
~I'm contemplating taking Sam trick-or-treating in the "city" near us on Sunday, in addition to Monday trick-or-treating at my parents' I can have access to more candy.
~I think I can raise enough money on eBay to buy the digital camera of my dreams.
~The greeting cards came in from the fundraiser I participated in MONTHS ago.
~I missed what I'm sure would have been a tortuous "girls lunch" at the office yesterday so I don't have any "day after" sadness...just relief.
~I got a nice card from a friend yesterday and it makes me smile to see it on my desk this morning.
~Did I mention the SUN is SHINING?!?!

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