Friday, October 21, 2005

Thank you

Again, the support you all have offered has simply amazed me. Please know that I did not ask the question as a means to beg for money. I just needed to know if I was needlessly tilting at windmills here. Thank you for caring enough to respond. And thank you so much for offering to help financially. That was of the type of kindness that induces tears. You are all wonderful and if I can say I am lucky in anything to do with losing Alex, it is that I have "met" all of you and can count you as friends. Thank you.


Lorem ipsum said...

So where do we send the check?

Holley said...

I'm telling you my friend, set up a pay pal account.

We can just transmit some money immediately that way.


cat said...

That we have met you is also a gift. *hugs*