Friday, October 07, 2005

Sam things to make you smile

"You can't vacuum poop!"

"Do you want to see my belly button?"

"Look mommy, I'm growing."

"I am NOT going to turn into a Fruit Loop...silly mommy."

"Mommy, are you done on the McPuter?"

"We are NOT having chicken for dinner will make me sick again...we are having CHEESEBURGERS!"

"Do you like Jay Jay the Jet Plane? It's sure enough kinda creepy."

"I want to run around like a crazy dog."


Lorem ipsum said...

McPuter... I love it.

Yep, the kid's American...

Mel said...

LOL . . . I've got to agree with him about Jay Jay the Jet Plane. And "McPuter" is great! :-)

cat said...

From the mouths of babes... so cute.

Julie said...

I love that kid.
And you can't vacuum poop.

(my word verification is dowrkyr)

Jill said...

Well he sure does speak it like it is! He sounds like a crack up and a great person to have around the place:)