Thursday, October 06, 2005

A fun game

Stolen from Cat.

Town I was born in
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Town I live in now (no, it's not the same town)
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My name (Catherine the Great)
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My grandmothers' names (Stephanie, my mom's mom-the feminine of Stephen-From the Greek name Στεφανος (Stephanos) which means "crown".)
Image hosted by and (Ruby, my Dad's mom) Image hosted by

My favorite food
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My favorite drink
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My favorite song (Unanswered prayers...there were a couple other pictures I could have put here, obviously)
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My favorite smell
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Lorem ipsum said...

Brava! Nicely done. Although I don't know the song... 'Sunrise, Sunset,' perhaps? And is your first grandmother's name Elizabeth or Tiara?

Heather said...

Or, you could be a girl after my own heart. It could be 'When the Sun Goes Down." LOL You can never get enough Kenny Chesney. ;)

cat said...

Ahhh Lilacs... beautiful.

Bronwyn said...

I must admit, that the two town pictures looks awfully alike... did you move far away? And I don't know the song either, but the title sounds nice, and the picture with it is lovely. We all have a few major unanswered prayers in here, I'd reckon...