Thursday, October 27, 2005

please help

I need to read some blogs that aren't about babies, getting pregnant, being pregnant, or losing babies. Any suggestions?


MB said...

No idea. I'm a total addict.

Lorem ipsum said...

From my list:

Mindless Drivel - from a real-life friend from college, who loves books, cats and New York.

WHICH SURPRISED HER - Portugese gal in vet school, has hot boyfriend. She's beautiful too. But I don't hate them. They love animals, Judaism and other important things.

Water Weaving. Yes, she had a loss, but she's about fifty now and a grandmother. Doesn't dwell on either, but enjoys 'liberal politics and religion.'

Musings of a Discerning Woman. By a civil servant on the road to becoming a sister. Yes, the religious kind. Inspiring on many levels.

Suburban Tribe. My husband's page, going on three years old!

Joe in Vegas. Not sure how I found him - I think via WSH, who also found me - but he's also a cool grandparent with a colorful life.

Hope this helps.

lauralu said... i've been meaning to add this one to my list; will do it next time i edit. 30-ish woman with tiny kitchen decides to make every recipt in julia child's french book in a year, blogs about it. publisher picks it up, turns blog into a book, now she's blogging about her book tour. likes food and likes to swear. excellent combo.

NervousKitty said...

I think it's moved a little beyond a blog now, but Sarah is hilarious!

msfitzita said...

She's only written two entries, but this is pretty funny stuff. It's a friend of mine who's in the process of getting her driver's license for the first time (at 30-something). Her plan is to take a road trip to Graceland when she's a fully licensed driver.

This I gotta see. I used to work with this girl...I can only imagine a road trip to Graceland.

Lots of ((((((HUGS))))). It's easy to get swallowed up by our little world of sorrow and you're right, it's good to see what's on the outside every now and then.

Sarah said...

People blog about other things????

Just joking... I know what you mean... it can get a little obsessive and overwhelming at times.

Good luck finding some!

Jill said...

If you look at 'Which Surprised Her' she links to the blog of a Muslim woman in the US. I stumbled across it one day through Eve's blog but haven't been back for while and I really loved reading both of these.

Sweet Coalminer said... is just hilarity about celebrity fashion.

I also love, but she's not very reliable anymore about blogging.

msfitzita said... Ah, so my friend has her license and they're heading off on their road trip tomorrow! I have no idea what's going to happen, but she's invited readers along on the journey...

Julie said...

Go fug yourself is great. I also like The Onion ( and Bitch Ph.D. (
Dooce ( good, too (child ment.)