Thursday, October 27, 2005

The List

My dear sweet wonderful (strange) husband has developed a list of words that he despises. One evening, while watching an Estee Lauder commercial, he announced that he didn't like the word "fragrance." I looked at him like he was crazy. Since then, he has alerted me when a new word is added to the list. So far, the words to grace the list are "fragrance," "lozenge," "suppository," and "au jus." I'm not sure what it is about these words that warrant them being placed on the list, I just know when a new word has earned a place by his announcement, "I hate that word too." I think maybe we're getting a little weird in our old age.


Bronwyn said...

How does your husband feel about the word "fricassee"? That's a word that's always bugged me. Interesting that all of these words are nouns. I wonder if it's just that nouns get under our skins more than other parts of speech. Annoying adverbs, anyone?

Jill said...

OK, my two absolute most hated words are 'panties' and 'lover'. Add also the phrase 'making love'. It'sall too Bold and Beautiful for me!

In a sentence: 'My lover removed my panties and made love to me'.

Now is that ICK or what?????

No, the word thing is not strange but a sadly neglected chore of English Speakers everywhere. These words need to be held to account!

NervousKitty said...

Mr. NK says the words "outfit" and "healthcare" make his skin crawl. Also "panties" which seems to be on a lot of people's list. When I feel like irritating him I'll announce that I just did laundry and so he has plenty of clean panties. It amuses me how freaked he gets when I say that.

I guess we're weird, too!

Sweet Coalminer said...

I love the word "lozenge" although I never use it, just because it's so weird.

There is a word I hate in Greek. It means "bill" like your check when you go out for dinner:


"Check please" in Greek is "Toh logariasmo, parakalo".

It is very difficult to say when you're drunk of your hiney, as one often is when asking for the check in Greece.

gabesmama said...

Ilk. I don't like the word ilk. This week it has been a buzz word at work!!! I hate it/!!