Thursday, September 22, 2005


I am looking for a new lampshade. The one that got squished when we moved into our house four years ago has finally given up the fight and can no longer be reshaped back into place. When I left this morning, it was hanging woefully from the frame, like a basketball hoop that has been pulled down too far during a dunk shot.

So of course, I hit ebay to find something I like for a reasonable price. Apparently people think if you slap the label "vintage" on crap it will sell. I give you Exhibit A...Can you guess what this is supposed to be?

[ugly football lampshade picture no longer available]

A lampshade!


Julie said...

I can't even find the words to describe that thing appropriately.
What was the highest bid?

Lisa P. said...

Looks like a football with fringe, to me... yuck!

msfitzita said...

That scares me just a little bit...