Sunday, September 04, 2005

Packed away

The garage sale is over and we didn't sell very many baby clothes at all. Of course, it didn't help that we were very confused in our sorting process and left half of what we wanted to get rid of at home (all the smaller sizes).

So today was organize-and-pack-away-into-rubber-tubs day. It took six tubs to collect all the clothes in any sort of an organized fashion.

By far, the hardest tub was the 0-3 month clothes. In that tub I packed away the outfit we were supposed to bring Alex home from the hospital in, the Rockies outfit (with matching socks) that I bought specifically for Alex with his Daddy in mind, the virtual shower gift received from my Due in June board buddy, the adorable little outfits Grandma bought, the oh-so-soft sleeper with matching hat we found on clearance at Target that Steve let me buy even though we didn't really have the money, the matching hand-me-down sleepers to the one Alex is buried in.

That 0-3 month tub holds all the hopes and dreams I had. Now stacked three high with the other tubs in our basement.

Can I tell you a secret? Not only am I saving up the old dreams...I've already started dreaming new dreams again. Upstairs we have a brand new farmyard crib set we bought at Toys R Us on clearance last weekend...and a set of three sleepers we bought tonight with puppies and dragonflies on them. Steve said they spoke to us and we were meant to buy them. I hope he's right.

Some day I'd love to use them for another dream that gets to come home and live with us this time.

But if it doesn't happen, those dreams can be sold on eBay with the tub-stored dreams that are now in the basement. Nobody has to know which are new and which are recycled dreams.


Jill said...

That's a big step - daring to dream again. It made me smile - I am happy for you guys. I hope your dreams get to come true next time and never have to be sealed into a rubber tub again.

Lorem ipsum said...

Wow. I don't know how you let go of all that. It really hurt recently when my MIL gave away all of her OTHER grandkids' baby toys and clothes, as though assuming there'd be no more!

But I'm glad you're daring to dream. And it will all be brand-new.

Bronwyn said...

That's wonderful that you're looking to the future like that, and it's so nice that your DH is right there with you. And even if you end up selling some unused baby clothes on eBay, don't think of it as selling your dreams; no one can ever take those away from you.

lauralu said...

hear, hear! way to dream emphatically!

Julie said...

I hope your new dreams come true. I am glad to see that they are there and you have them. That's a huge step. (((((((Cathy))))))

gabesmama said...

It is so important to dream again. I'm knew I was depressed when I stopped dreaming. You are so strong!