Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm hiding

I'm currently hiding in front of the computer while Steve deals with the joys of a failed attempt at potty training.

Sam thinks it's hilarious that he has smeared poop all over the living room and is delighting in running around pointing out the poop spots.

"There Daddy...and there...and there!"

I'm giggling silently while pretending not to hear.

Steve, however, fails to see the humor.

ewwww! Don't you wish you were him?


Jill said...

OMG, Catherine, this is sooo wierd! When I was driving home from the shops half an hour ago I was thinking about how I was going to start S with the potty training and thought - I know, I'll bet Catherine is doing it with Sam right now. I wonder if I should ask her? And well, I have my answer!!

Sam sounds like an artist and bless poor Steve for dealing and EXCELLENT work to you for NOT dealing with it LOL!

Julie said...

such a good guy for helping out. Poor Steve.
Sam is such a rascal. LOL

Sherry said...

Sorry, but since it isn't me I am sitting her laughing away :) hee hee!!

lauralu said...

it's funny, because yesterday i was reading an article on toilet training and it suddenly occurred to me, at some point i am going to have to convince a toddler, without applying so much pressure that they feel the need to resist, to use a toilet. how in the world is that possible????

Bronwyn said...

Too funny! Perhaps he was just making a comment on your decor, lol! Mabye now's the time to angle for new furniture ;)