Thursday, September 08, 2005

Congratulations on the baby

I hate this (Thanks David, for a perfect phrase). There is no easy way to handle it when someone you haven't seen in a while offers their congratulations on "the baby." There is no easy way to tell them that my sweet, beautiful Alex died. I say, "Oh, you haven't heard, I lost the baby." And then there is no easy way to excuse myself from the conversation when they stumble over themselves to offer apologies after I tell them what happened. I hate this.


And then I walk outside to go pick up my lunch at the restaurant next door and find a beautiful grey and white feather in my path on the sidewalk. Thanks Alex. I love you too.


Steve went to the eye doctor this afternoon and you'll never guess what he was asked...

"How's that baby doing?"

Ummm...he's dead. Thanks for asking.


Sarah said...

I'm sorry you had to have this happen... I have been lucky and not run into any people who didn't know.

Holly Golightly said...

I've had this happen several times too. One friend just left a voicemail saying 'congrats on the little one, I assume all is well'., actually all went to hell about four months ago. But there's no way of saying that without them getting uncomfortable. I"m sorry you had to go through this. Also glad that Alex sent you a present.

Sherry said...

I am so sorry :( That must be so difficult for you, and the person who is just assuming all went well must have felt just awful. I suppose those moments are the kind you just can't be prepared for? *HUGS*

Dana said...

Big, big hugs and lots of love coming your way.

Julie said...

I just saw a girl today who asked me about my 'little one'. I had to go into details with her and share some pictures. She cried, and felt so bad she didn't know. After that, the rest of my day was shot.
Sorry you had to deal with it too.
Alex was sweet to send you a pick-me-up. Funny how we notice the little things now, huh.

Jill said...

Oh Catherine, sounds like a not-so-nice day all round at your place - at least where poor Alex is concerned:( ((HUGS))

lauralu said...

there's just no way to break the news with feeling like shit and making the other person feel like shit, too. it sucks.