Another point to ponder about God

I had an acquaintance tell me recently that she hoped I would mend my relationship with God quickly, because the thought of eternity without him wasn't a pleasant one.

Has my life with him, to this point, been such that I would want to live it for eternity? I mean really...where did my faith get me to this point? I have many many blessings...whether a gift from God or the result of my choices and dumb luck, I really have no proof.

But let's assume I buy into her theory. God's been so great to me that I want to spend eternity with him? According to her, everything is according to some God's plan includes pain and suffering for me and my family. Why in the world would I choose that for myself for an eternity? According to this plan that she believes exists, my baby was supposed to die. What's next? A plague of locusts?

That sounds like a great eternity...sign me up! [/sarcasm]


Sherry said…
Catherine, I have to say I am not very religious, but I honestly never undstand when people say it is part of 'his plan'. Really? Those of you who believe, you think God WANTS us to suffer? And do you really think he has time to watch every little thing that is going on? I don't know, it makes no sense to me. I think it is just Life. It will make or break us. All stuff we need to just 'learn' from so it doesn't break us.
¡P! said…
Again I suggest voodoo. (Which, incidentally, yes, I have some experience with it, involving the owner of the store I used to work for and his testicles, but that's another story for another post.)

I would caution you, though: a voodoo doll in His image could be seen as false idolatry, and could earn you a lifetime in purgatory.


Just file it away under the heading of "Stupid Things People Say in an Attempt to Cheer You Up."

(Video screens on tombstones... dear Lord, WHY?)
Lorem ipsum said…
Is there such a thing as TRUE idolatry?

The thing about heaven/hell is that hell is not necessarily a place but a state of mind that is far away from God and goodness and peace and in that way is 'dark.' Which I think is what you're already in. I hope we're getting 'credit' for time served.

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