Thursday, August 18, 2005

Random thoughts


I took Sam on his very first trip to the library yesterday. He loved it not for the wide assortment of books available (in fact, I got in trouble because there were no Arthur books available), but for the puzzles and toys in the kids area and the giant fake tree with a spiral staircase inside that leads up to the kids loft area. He made my heart smile when he put his foot on the first step up, looked at me standing outside the door, and said, "I don't want to go up." I assured him I would be right behind him and he said, "ok...great!"

Of course, by the end of our hour-long visit, he had not picked out a single book (I picked out six books for him) and he was yelling, "I want to go NOW!" So much for the pre-visit "library whisper voice" lesson.


The force of gravity is too much today. I feel like my shoes are being sucked into the earth with every step I take. Not really like quicksand, more like I have giant magnets on my feet and they are being attracted to giant magnets underground. Some days I feel myself walking on top of the I feel like I'm trying to break free from it.


Why is it that a sting from a yellow jacket, a teeny tiny little insect, hurts like I've just got my leg bashed in with a baseball bat?

Yesterday Sam and I decided to mow the lawn. Sam loves riding on the tractor with anyone who will take him. Something told me to watch out for yellow jacket nests and we narrowly missed one up near the house. Thankfully, Sam had decided to go help his Daddy in the barn and wasn't with me when I rode over one further out in our yard.


There are people in your life who you would assume would be good friends to you as a grieving parent. Then there are people you assume won't give a sh!t about you in your time of pain. And I have discovered that there is absolutely no way to figure out in advance who will be in either category.


I have not yet mastered html. So I borrowed a freebie design and tweaked it just a bit with my limited abilities. The old blue just seemed so...stuck in one place. The flowers make me smile a little. So I went with flowers. :o)



holley said...

I love the new design. Very nice. Maybe it's time for some changes at my blog.

I'm glad you're feeling pink even if your feet are stuck fast to the ground.

Lots of love.

Jill said...

Wow, I thought I was the only one with magnets in my shoes..we can be odd together LOL:)