Saturday, August 06, 2005

Normal complaints

Of course I still have it in me to complain about the everyday, boring, mundane things in my life. Like why I'm the only person who knows how to wash dishes, or wash laundry, or operate the vacuum cleaner?!?! But then he goes all the way to town to get me chocolate syrup for chocolate milk and I have to forget all the stuff I'm irritated about.

To tell the truth, I've been feeling a bit un-special. When I was pregnant, people (especially my husband) would treat me like I was something special. Opening doors, asking if they could do anything to help, taking me an hour away for blueberry pancakes...that sort of stuff. Then, when I was suddenly not pregnant and didn't have a baby in my arms, people (including my husband) treated me like I was "pre-pregnancy Catherine." I know it is all an effort to try to maintain a sense of some normalcy around here. But in my twisted postnatal hormone imbalance, it made me feel like I'd suddenly lost my sparkle...I suddenly was back to being nothing special. Now, after almost three months, I've noticed that the men out here in booneyville still open doors for me. My office friend(s) still offer to do nice things for me if I need it. And my husband still runs to the store to get me some chocolate syrup so I can have chocolate milk. I'm thinking I'm still special after all. Or maybe he is the special one...and I'm just lucky enough to be part of this life with him.

And I know he's going to stop at the cemetery for a few minutes of peace sans Sam and I...and that makes me love him even more.


Jill said...

They really can be so sweet can't they? Lucky, cos they can be so thick sometimes they need some saving grace;)

You have been spreading plenty of sparkle around blogland since I've known you so I guess you really must be special huh?

Enjoy that yummy chocolate milk!

buffi said...

Oh, Catherine. I found your site from a comment on...Hippogriffs, I think. I have stayed up far too late reading your entire archive. You are very eloquent in spite of what you think of yourself. I know that I will be following your blog. You and your sweet family will definately be in my prayers. Thank you for educating me on so many levels tonight.

I hope that your good days soon outnumber your bad days. But I also hope that you continue to allow yourself those bad days. It seems that they would be inevitable and necessary. I hope my words aren't as stupid as they seem to me. You have touched me.