Friday, July 29, 2005

Records update

My 2002 doctor called and I CAN have ALL my records for a grand total of $33. I'll pick them up on Wednesday.

My 2005 doctor called and there suddenly is no two week wait, my records are ready to be picked up. There is no charge. I'll pick them up on Wednesday as well. I wonder if I'll get everything as I requested or if I'll have to yell at someone. I really don't want to yell at someone. I just want to go quietly to my specialist appointment and not have all this drama. [sigh]

Tomorrow we talk to the memorial company and get thing squared away there.

Ah...the feeling of progress!

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Heather said...

I just went through a ridiculous time getting my records from PA. Isn't it so frustrating? I can't believe you have to pay for them either. I wish all of this would go smoothly for you, Kate. It seems nothing can be easy. :(