Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Breakfast...and the name thing

Since I've been asked...

My full name is Catherine Rachel...only my mom calls me that. :o) Catherine is the name I go by professionally. My friends in real life generally call me Cathy. My friends online generally call me Kate. It's not something I consciously separated out for people. I think it came about because my screenname was originally Kate (back in the beginning of time and the internet)...and I just stuck with it because it was the shortest and easiest to type. Lazy, I know. Of course, there are a couple friends who call me Cathode or Lady Catherine...but they're just a little weird, so it's to be expected. And of course, there's Steve...who sometimes calls me Moose (long story).

So that's me and all my multiple personalities. :o)


Today for breakfast, I had a croissant and half-caf coffee. After my caffeinated day yesterday, I felt a need to cut down.

Generally, I wake up too late to eat breakfast at home and end up eating whatever it is at my desk at work. So most of my breakfast foods must be portable. Yesterday was grapefruit and a granola bar. A point to the grapefruit first...the granola bar will make the grapefruit unbearably sour if you eat the in the wrong order.


Julie said...

Ok, Catherine the Great, I will bite. Lovely idea you have here.
Today for breakfast, I had a cold leftover taco, and a diet dew. I am OUT of Diet DP, so, off to WalMart I trudge.
You know what I really want to eat, though?
Bacon, Egg, and Pierogie casserole smothered in cheese.
What is up with that? I've never even seen it before, but methinks it sounds yummy.
I also think I need a salad, instead... :-P

Backpetal said...

Hey, who you calling weird?

Cathode is better than Mushroom, no?

Love ya much,

Catherine said...

I forgot about that! But I think it was mushroom-head, wasn't it?

lauralu said...

murshroom-head? sounds like someone used to sport a dorothy hammill 'do.

pierogie casserole scares me, but then today i had a parmesan stick with a little tuna salad smeared down the middle and carrot juice, so who am i to judge?

here's what i want to know [cue "getting to know you" in background]: with which name do you most identify? when you speak to yourself (admit it - you do), which name do you use?

Holley said...


Be Nice.

I have some stories I could start posting in comments....

Catherine said...

Bring it on! :o)

Catherine said...

I've got to get me some Diet DP too. I got some of that Sam's Club knock-off and boy, is it bad!

holley said...

I'll bring the Diet DP. Never settle for the imitations my friend.

I was running through our stories and I think that I have more that are bad for me than are bad for you. I need to go back through our travel-log.