Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I was all set to blog today about my dilemma surrounding whether or not to attend a potluck lunch thrown in honor of my coworker who is due July 17th (one month after I was due with Alex).

But instead, I come into the office today and the receptionist (who I love and who normally is much more sensitive) tells me that my coworker is in the hospital and having her baby. I'm happy for her...I really am. But I feel as though I've been hit by a very big truck.

I survived this weekend with my ghost Alex haunting every single second. I thought I could return to some semblance of an even keel today with my office door shutting out the rest of the world. Instead, the office is all a-twitter with happy anticipation. And I just keep crying.

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Holley said...

Big Hugs