Monday, June 20, 2005

It was bound to happen

For the first time since I've been back to work I walked in on two of the women in my office obviously talking about me. I heard, "When she's feeling better," and then that deafening silence that says, "Can you please leave the room so we can finish our conversation about your sad existence?" These are two women who have yet to acknowledge me beyond a polite, "Hello," and some official office business conversation, despite the fact that we previously shared pregnancy talk and were quite friendly (one gave birth about three months ago one (who I've previously blogged about) is due to give birth in a month). I suppose I've become the walking billboard for everything they fear, and I really shouldn't blame them for not acknowledging me or my loss...I guess.

And it's not that I'm naive enough to think people don't gossip about me at the office...but to openly talk about me where I could walk in on it is a bit much...especially since you haven't talked TO me in three weeks. I mean, come on, you have offices with doors! Go in one of them and close the door...I promise I won't care.

I wanted to break down and sob right there, but instead I just lowered my head, scurried about my business, and walked out the door.

Unluckily, one of them was headed out at the same time and I had to endure that awkward walk to the parking lot where she struggled for something to say. "I get to sleep in tomorrow," she chirped too happily. Do I give a sh!t? Nope.


Julie said...

I'm sorry those women are so lame. I've had a few instances like that, even amongst family (inlaws).
Although the world goes on, and we're stuck in Hell, I've "heard" it is supposed to get better with time. We'll see.
We'll all go through this together, one step at a time.

Anonymous said...

Stupid insensitive people. How rude.

Big hugs.