Thursday, June 30, 2005

I don't mean to sound like a bitch

I don't mean to sounds like a bitch, but I'm calling to see if there is a reason my baby died. Do you think you could stop putting me off and get me some damn answers?

OK...vent done...I'm calm now. :o)

I called the doctor at 2pm. The first reason was to get the birth control pill prescription I forgot when we were there last week.

The second reason was to get the results of the diabetes screen I did last week at my six week checkup. Surprise, surprise...all diabetes for me...not even what they would call pre-diabetic.

The third reason...Is the final autopsy report in? We'll have to call you back. I waited two hours and got no phone call back, so I called them again. The nurse tells me she put the file in the doctor's office and she'll call me back when she can...she's busy today.

I asked, "Is there some reason the doctor has to tell me and you can't?"

The nurse, who obviously couldn't remember the reason I called in the first place, said, "Well the doctor is going to have to approve your prescription."

"Uh...yeah...I'm well aware of that. But is the final autopsy report in yet?"

"Oh, well that I'm waiting to receive."

"So it's done?"

"I'm waiting to see what they fax me, I called pathology and asked them to fax it, but I believe it's the final report. If you don't hear back from us by about 11am tomorrow, give us a call back. Like I said, Dr. S is very busy today with patients."

Now I really don't mean to sound bitchy...I realize my baby is dead and patients with living babies still to deal with should be a priority...but do you think you could give me something here?!?! I have to call YOU? OVER AND OVER? until I get some answers? And you don't even know if what they're faxing you is what I'm looking for? So what exactly did you ask them when you called pathology? It seems a simple the final autopsy report prepared yet? How could you NOT know what they are faxing you?

I think this cinches it...I'm finding a new doctor. This place sucks.

Maybe the vent isn't over...cause I'm still feeling pissed off.


Jill said...

When I dealt with my horrible doctor and her staff I waited to calm down then wrote a very long detailed letter about where I thought they could improve their service;)

I never sent it but felt better for doing it. However, after reading this, I might just revise it and pop it in the post. If only they realised the difference they make when they are rude and insensitive:(

Holley said...

How rude is that? Good grief. Again, I applaud your restraint. And yes, it is time to find a new doctor.

lauralu said...

when they didn't have the final autopsy at your autopsy review appointment, they should have scheduled a better appointment time with you to review the autopsy. you don't want to do that over the phone.

Julie said...

Oh jeez Cathy, that is absolutely ridiculous!! I think when you pick up the final report, you should just go ahead and pick up your medical records too. Are these the most incompetent group of people or what?? Oh and I just LOVE the comment about taking care of patients.............UMMMM and just what are YOU?? I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that. Good luck on finding a doctor with a HEART. (((((((((Cathy))))))))))