Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dear Chrysler

Dear Chrysler:

I'm having a love-hate relationship with my minivan and I was wondering if you would consider letting me trade it in for a different car?

You see, three weeks ago we lost the baby we were so eagerly expecting. He was the reason we decided we needed to graduate up to a bigger family car. We had previously been driving a Chevy Cavalier which was deemed way too small for all the "stuff" that accompanies a baby and a toddler. So we went shopping and found our minivan. We were so excited to be joining that group of moms and dads we affectionately call minivan-mamas and minivan-papas.

We moved our toddler up to a booster seat. We cleaned out all the toddler toys that were sitting in the seat next to him. We never got around to installing the infant seat before our baby died, but we had imagined how it would look and how much fun our toddler would have keeping us updated on his little brother's activities while they road side by side.

This is where things get a bit problematic. Don't get me wrong, the minivan rides and operates very well. We have no driver complaints. But I simply cannot stand to look back at my toddler and see that empty space next to him where my baby should be. When we go out, I can't bear to see all that empty space that should be filled with baby paraphenalia. I want to scream into all that space to fill the silence where our boys should be chattering and making noise.

For my mental health, would you please consider accepting return of this minivan? I will even commit to another Chrysler product...just one without all the should-have-beens attached.

Thank you very much.

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Julie said...

I had an SUV when Caleb died. HE was gone in January, and by May I had traded it in for a sporty little yellow Mazda Protege5. About as far from a family vehicle as you can get (well besides a 2 seater, but you get the point) I just couldn't stand all the thoughts of what should have been when I got into my SUV. I totally understand how hard that minivan must be to face.