Monday, April 25, 2005

Nesting in the midst of mayhem

So they tell me there is this nesting phase that comes with the end of pregnancy. And it must be true, because I'm starting to do things like scrub my bathroom from top to bottom (a task, I must admit, that normally only gets done once every six months or so). But what they don't tell you is what you're supposed to do when the urge to nest puts you in a catatonic state, where you can only rock back and forth and babble incoherently to yourself. The sheer volume of work that needs to be done in my house has overwhelmed my urge to nest. Add to that the fact that I can no longer bend at the middle, get up and down stairs, sit on any surface lower than three feet high, walk more than five feet without getting winded, lift anything more than about 10 lbs...the list goes on and on...and I'm seriously starting full-on panic mode.

I asked my mom to come help me move furniture and she asked me, "Well what needs to be moved?" I had to tell her, "I'll make you a list." So mom...this is for you...

What needs done at Casa C...(I refer to the room as the "baby's room" because there is currently some discussion about Sam taking it over. Therefore most plans are tentative as to who will occupy the room.)

The bed in the "baby's room" needs fixed somehow so that when you sit on it you don't fall through the slats to the floor. I'm thinking some sort of platform bed needs made...or else the mattress just needs to go to the floor permanently.

The baseboards for the "baby's room" need painted and reattached to the walls.

The crap currently stored in the "baby's room" needs moved out and thrown away or stored...maybe in the basement?

The crib needs moved from Sam's room into the "baby's room."

I need to make/buy curtains for the "baby's room" windows and closet door.

Sam's bed needs moved from the one end of his room to the other (where the crib is currently).

The carpet needs removed from the stairs since it is currently coming off and poses a serious health risk to anyone travelling up and down said stairs.

The wardrobe needs moved from my room to the "baby's room."

The chest in my room needs cleaned out so it can hold the clothes currently in the wardrobe.

The sewing machine needs moved from the living room to my room.

The old carpet needs removed from the side porch.

The cat needs relocated from the front to the side porch.

The dog crates need moved out onto the front porch.

The fence to the side pasture needs reconstructed.

Stuff that I would LIKE to have done at Casa C...

The flooring in the living room needs finished.

The filing cabinet needs moved from the closet in the "baby's room" downstairs next to the fireplace. The desk needs moved from near the stairs to next to the fireplace and said filing cabinet.

The old printer stand needs thrown out.

The toy box from my parent's house needs moved into the old living room and the toys need organized/sifted so there is some system and sense.

The closet needs cleaned out, my craft stuff moved in, and the stuff currently in the closet needs thrown out or stored.

Let's not forget all the standard baby preparations. The clothes and other things need washed, folded, and put away.

And I need to have a nervous breakdown.

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