Monday, April 25, 2005

Am I just lame?

I belong to a variety of internet message boards for moms. The one I've been with the longest consists of moms who all were Due in June 2002 (though some of us delivered in May 2002). Anyway...we're talking third birthdays and there are moms who are throwing all-out bashes for their kids. One woman is going to one of those indoor party places where they will spend $150 minimum...and that doesn't include food. Am I insane to think that this is nuts for a third birthday? I mean at this rate, by the time the kids are 15 they'll be jumping out of airplanes for their birthdays!

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Backpetal said...

No, you're not lame. You just have common sense, and you're just much more immune to peer pressure than the average mom. Good for you.

At our house, the second birthday is, unfortunately, going to be a bigger deal than the first. Last year I invited only family (which is still a lot of people), and almost no one showed up. So this year I also invited three of Seth's little buddies and their families. If everyone shows up, we're going to be in big trouble!