Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Pregnancy cravings in a small town

In a town where Main Street is lined with Walt's Barber Shop, Jeff's Flower Shop, and Phillip's Photography you think the pregnant woman can find someone to sell her a strawberry milk to satisfy a craving? The answer is yes...if the pregnant woman is determined enough and the weather is nice enough. You can stroll through town until, as a last resort, you stumble into the Circle K (formerly Dairy Mart) and happen upon the dairy refrigerator (which is, oddly enough, the left half of the beer refrigerator), and find the holy grail...Strawberry Nesquik! Voila!

Now I know how those early explorers felt when they happened upon some unexpected treasure in our podunk little town.

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Backpetal said...

I'm glad you found the pink stuff. An unsatisfied pregnancy craving is a terrible, terrible thing.