Thursday, February 24, 2005

Get me my whistle

I have something to add to the list of things nobody told me about parenting. And I blame you moms who have been there for not sharing this little tidbit with me.

When did my husband regress into a child himself? And when did it become necessary for me to have to referee the fights and arguments between him and our son? I think it was somewhere after Sam learned to talk and somewhere before he learned he could really pitch a temper tantrum to get under Daddy's skin. I'm just guessing here, because I never really noticed it before today.

It seems I'm spending more and more of my time reminding my husband that our son is two-and-a-half and acting as such. I find myself saying things like, "You're 33...why don't you act like it and stop stooping to his level?" Why didn't anyone tell me I would have to say things like that?!?!?!

This morning, Sam was feeling particularly uncooperative about everything. And Steve acts like Sam is doing it deliberately just to make him late for work. Uh...yeah...that's the reason. This two-and-a-half-year-old has formulated a plot to stand screaming in the living room, "I want to wear the Wiggles (pjs)," JUST to make you late for work. oy!

They finally head out the door with Sam still screaming...only to return a few moments later with my husband yelling at me, "You have got to work this out with him, because I just CAN'T get him to stay put in his booster seat in the car...he keeps taking the belt off." He's yelling at ME! Excuse me?!?! I told him to take a step outside because I didn't want to listen to the both of them yell. And he actually looked shocked! lol

I try my best...but the two of them have fed off of each other long enough that Sam is now beyond reasoning. The solution? He's still screaming...but the convertible car seat is in the van...use it...he doesn't know how to undo those buckles.

Again...two-and-a-half...and thirty-three...shouldn't the older one have SOME control over the situation without having to make it my problem? Why didn't anyone tell me I was turning into a referee? Shouldn't a black and white striped shirt and a whistle been given at the baby shower? That way at least I would KNOW?

You have all failed me...all you moms who went before. Or maybe this was just your little joke? To see how long it would take before I cracked? Not funny.

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