Monday, January 24, 2005

Today is the day...or is it tomorrow???

I suppose it speaks volumes that I had to go look up the day that the vote on the sales tax increase will take place. I'm oh-so-concerned about my job that I don't even remember when they're going to can me. (It is today, by the way)

On a side note, there have been some employment-related developments...

First and foremost, my boss says his plan is to not lay anyone off. Oddly enough, I'm not comforted by this position at all. It would seem that my boss has some sort of rose-colored glasses on that prevent him from being able to comprehend the facts of the situation. If this sales tax increase doesn't pass, he will have to come up with some creative solutions to just maintain this office at a skeleton level. I don't think he really has a plan for fulfilling his promise to keep us ALL gainfully employed. seems it pays off to talk about the bad stuff. I have been talking long and loud to my clients and anyone else who would listen about this sales tax increase and the possibility of losing my job. Turns out there are untapped resources in this county that are mysteriously popping up as available salary money...if only you ask the right person the right questions. At least two departments are now considering the possibility of hiring me part-time (half-time each), in the event I am laid off from the prosecutor's office. I am, quite naturally, flattered that people think enough of the job I've been doing for them that they would offer to save my income stream. I am also, however, a bit confused as to where those funds are currently being spent. If the money has been earmarked for legal services...why am I not seeing any of that money at the current time? (ahhh...the joys of county government) colleague in the civil division has announced that she is also pregnant...due one month after me. While my boss is quite happy about this, I think he has yet to figure out that this means our division will be effectively shut down for maternity leave and he will have to deal directly with all of our clients. I chuckle at that thought, quite honestly, since I know our division was created simply because we are statutorily required to represent these entities and the boss would rather be doing criminal work. Yet another reason he's working so hard to keep my job for me. hehe

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