Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow Days and Two-year-olds

On Saturday, during a very cold and wintery snowstorm, I had a quite lengthy discussion with my son on the merits of staying indoors versus going outside to play in the sandbox. This is the child who will not walk on the snow, mind you, for fear of slipping and falling (thanks to an age inappropriate commercial briefly glimpsed on television...thanks Universal Pictures). He requested...nay...he demanded that I trudge out to the sandbox, dig it out of its burial place under two feet of snow, so that he could play in it...without his shoes and socks. After a multitude of "why" questions and answers, I finally resorted to the age-old parental response intended to cease conversations that are annoying the heck out of you..."Because I said so and I make the rules." Holy moly! When did I become my parents?!?!?!

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