Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When you don't medal in the Pain Olympics

I didn't struggle to keep my babies alive. There weren't any complications to deal with. My babies weren't born alive. They didn't face their own struggles to stay alive. They just died. One day they were alive and kicking inside me and the next day they were dead. No warning. No choices to be made. I suppose it wasn't the worst it could be. It still wasn't easy.


Rachel J said...

You medaled in the "multiple losses" category. What fun. Yeah. To realize they're not ever going to be here. Ever. It sucks. I love you. I love your honesty. It is sooooo r

Rachel J said...

Dammit I am drunk commenting. Enjoy. So yeah. Is it bad that it's nice to hear that other people have kids who are struggling, too? I really really enjoy when a certain of my kids is in bed and I feel like a shit mom for that... That someone whose child has died would enjoy EVERY moment. I know that's not reality but still I use it to torture myself... This mythical l

Rachel J said...

Oh dear Lord I will stop