Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 Resolutions

I'm not going to go extravagant...because I ALWAYS fail at extravagant resolutions. So I'm going to resolve to make a few simple changes this year...

~eat meals at the dinner table together as a family instead of in front of various televisions

~eat less pre-packaged and fast food and more fresh food prepared at home...try interesting recipes...stay gluten-free

~buy less

~buy local for what we truly NEED

~laugh more...cry and yell less

~say something kind and loving to my husband every day

~devote one weekend day each weekend to doing something with my family

~do something to pamper myself at least once a week (take a bubble bath, simple at-home manicure, wear lipgloss, curl my hair, etc.)

~crochet the Amsterdam Coat for myself

~read the rest of the Harry Potter series (I have been in the middle of book #4 for many years now)

Oh...I suppose I still do have a couple of extravagant resolutions I want to make...

~find sustainable funding sources for the APL

~get treatment for my gallbladder issues

~launch my photography business "for real"

~bury Little Bug

~let "it" go and find happiness by living in the moment with my amazing family

I just need to LIVE a little more...find beauty and peace in this life I have.


Curls O Fred said...

Sounds like a good list of resolutions. Do pamper yourself and I do hope for much beauty and peace this coming year. Much love.

kate said...

that seems already like a lot of resolutions! (especially compared to my one) Good luck with that ;) Wishing you much peace in the new year.