Decorating the xmas tree

Sam: Myles, do you know that you have two other brothers?

Myles: No.

Sam: Do you wanna know their names?

Myles: Yes.

Sam: Alex and Travis.

Myles: Alex and Travis.

Sam: Yep...but they died.

Myles: [blank stare]

Sometimes I don't know whether to cry or laugh.


Rosepetal said…
I think it's good (hard to find the right word, obviously none of it is actually good but given that that's the way things are) that Sam is explaining Alex and Travis to Myles, even if Myles doesn't know what died means.

Lots of (((hugs)))
kate said…
That is sweet, actually. I agree with Rosepetal, and surely a blank stare is age-appropriate for Myles. Chloe was actually older than him, i think, when we had the goldfish incident -- after the whole explanation of death and the rigamarole of burying the goldfish she asked 'and now he get better?'

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