Friday, October 22, 2010

How nice of Fisher Price

Your baby is finally here! The Fisher-Price® Family extends our congratulations and warmest wishes to your new—or growing—family. We hope the prenatal e-mails we sent over the last nine months or so were interesting and informative as your pregnancy progressed. And now, as you start the exciting adventure of life with your new baby boy or girl, we'd like to send you Fisher-Price® Family PlayTIMES™.

Tell us why you're unsubscribing...

"My baby died back in April. I tried unsubscribing obviously didn't get the message."

It's funny though...I didn't cry this time.
I laughed.
Don't know what that says about me.


Michele said...

Ugh... I remember those emails. They sucked and it sucked worse when I couldnt unsubscribe.

Yo-yo Mama said...

If they had any sense of professionalism, they would actually reply with an apology for fucking up. Maybe they could even use those specific words, "We're sorry. We totally fucked up."

Curls O Fred said...

When I've contacted companies about stopping their mailings, they've usually bent over backwards to apologize. Even Target, when I had to delete our registry. Obviously not all companies are as diligent though, which sucks. Glad you were able to laugh about this one...hope you don't get any others.