Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Email is great

I think the email to Sam's teacher can only be topped by the email to Dr. A...who so kindly visited me in the hospital on his time off, called me personally (though I ducked his call at the time), and left a voicemail with his personal cell phone number just in case I "want to talk"...
Dr. A~

Thank you for the phone call. I hope you understand that I just can't talk right now. Maybe in a few days...though I'm not entirely sure what there is to say anymore.

Thank you for everything.

And his response...
I know, Catherine--- I, too, don't know what to say.
Please call me if you need to talk.

Guess that about sums it up.


Pipsylou said...

It makes me so angry that you have to be back to using the "grief" label on your blog entries.

Michele said...

Sending you loving thoughts...

serenity said...

Thinking of you.


Holley said...

Feeling torn--I hate that you had to write this e-mail (and the one to the teacher), but I'm really happy that you have such a great, caring doctor.