Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Still fine

Mom's ok.
We're ok.
Lots of snow...had a snow day on Friday.
The Olympics are over and Sam is happy because he, "won't have to watch random curling events anymore."
A stray cat with extra toes on the front paws showed up at our door the other night and Steve said, "Absolutely not." So...we took it to the APL to find it a new home.
Pants getting too tight because I'm eating too much.
Husband still not listening to me when I speak. Thinking of communicating with him solely through facebook.
First post-freakout appointment today.
Fun times.
I miss random curling events being on TV.


Shanna said...

Steve is in a curling tournament on the 13th if you want to come see some "live action" paint drying. ;) One of his friends said it perfectly that watching curling is exciting as watching paint dry.

Catherine said...

Sam wants you to videotape it so he can see it!