Thursday, February 18, 2010

The surreal life

So today is the day of embarrassment. The day when I realize how out of control I really was. I'm not THAT woman. I don't get irrational or lose control like that. How in the world am I going to look my doctor in the face at my next appointment (which will be in TWO weeks, come hell or high water)?

I seem to not have mentioned that I did all of my freaking out without telling my husband...because he had a job interview and I didn't want to ruin it.



Insanity apparently came knocking and I invited her in for tea.
In other "how surreal is your life" news...I will be spending this afternoon/evening with Samuel...sewing a groundhog hand puppet. Here's hoping we both make it out alive. Pictures WILL follow.

And no, I am NOT joking. The teacher thought it would be a good idea for the kids to do "creative art projects" to go with their ten-sentence groundhog research papers. A classmate, E, brought in a cake with (rice krispie) groundhogs popping out of burrows on top (complete with green coconut for the surrounding grass). When I asked Sam how much of that cake he honestly though E did, he replied, "Zero percent." Imagine his surprise when I told him that the groundhog puppet will be HIS project, one hundred percent...I have enough of my own stuff to do. Poor kid of mine.


kate said...

Well, you know, i probably wouldn't have told the hubby that case. But then again i am not exactly the poster child for normalcy either. How did the interview go?

I think the groundhog puppet should be carrying a sign...maybe something that says "Striking groundhogs against ridiculous assignments!"

Tracey said...

At one of my early ultrasounds,the stress and anxiety started to build up as I waiting to be called back. When I was taken into the US room, I walked over into the corner, crouched myself down into a ball and SOBBED uncontrollably.

I was a MESS. And totally embarrassed afterwards - so I totally understand your feeling...