Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Second (& third) child syndrome

I don't remember when I first felt Myles move in my belly. I even looked in the archives of this blog to see if I'd even made a notation...and I can't find one. I realize I've taken about 1/2 as many photos of him as I did his brother (though I have to say the quality is SO much better). Poor kid's baby least I bought one (on the way to the hospital), right?

So in an effort to be a better record-keeper, and in an effort to NOT freak out again like I did last week, I'm recording in this space that I felt the baby move yesterday...a lot. I've felt my own body's reaction to what must be movement for the last week or so. But this was the first time I thought, "THAT was baby."

Of course today is a whole other story. I THINK I've felt Little Bug a time or two...but it's definitaly not like it was yesterday (not freaking out, not freaking out, not freaking out).

Maybe I'll work on Myles' baby book today.

***I don't know when I first felt Alex or Travis move either...but I try not to compare those pregnancies. Living baby to living baby are the only comparisons I feel comfortable with. I KNOW it's irrational...but there ya have it.***


kate said...

I was about 18 weeks with Chloe i think when suddenly i stopped feeling the clear movement i had felt before. Of course i freaked out & went in, and though everything was fine she explained that the placenta had moved to be more anterior & thus i couldn't feel the movements clearly. After a few weeks, either it moved back or she grew bigger, or something. Anyway, at the time i didn't realize that could happen, or have that effect.

Pipsylou said...

I was 14 weeks with Lucy and TWELVE with Asher. People say that wasn't possible but I beg to differ.

Irrational is what gets me through most days.

Yay baby!