Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me did it

I had a realization this morning, when the house was quiet and I was contemplating the snowy day ahead...I haven't been sharing things here because I'm suffering from what amounts to survivor guilt. I have two lovely living children, but I have friends who don' I feel guilty sharing stories about my children. It is difficult to stash the guilt away so that it doesn't affect the way I feel about my own children...or at least the pride and joy I feel in/for/about them. I'm going to make an effort to change this state of mind. So I apologize in advance if I go overboard with the cutesy kid stories.
Myles has started, this past week, to find pride in his own accomplishments. He does something all by himself, puts both arms in the air, and exclaims, "Me did it!" It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life.
Sam got his much-wished-for snow day today. He played video games, watched tv, and is now...reading a book! Sure, it's a book about Star Wars...but it's still a book!
Little Bug is still doing ok. I got another ultrasound picture but I'm entirely too lazy to scan it in and post it.


Michele said...

Never feel guilty. Your children are blessings.

three minute palaver said...

Grow little Bug Grow.

and bring on the cutesy stories. we're all ears.

Pipsylou said...

You know what I'm realizing? Every woman's life is a journey, and I am done comparing, partly because it's exhausting, and partly because I know what God has for someone else is not what He has in mind for me, and I trust that.

I know what you mean, though. I feel bad for wanting another baby when I have friends who have been trying for years and have NONE (especially with all I have learned now about Factor V and stillbirth). I think it's good to be mindful of it, but you can't let it steal your joy.

Gotta find the joy where you can, KWIM?

kate said...

I love that...'Me did it!'

Thumbs up for joy....