Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crafty people...help?

Add another thing to the list of things I just LOVE about second grade.

I need an easy pattern for Sam to make a stuffed groundhog by Friday.

Any ideas?


kate said...

Are you KIDDING?

please tell me you are kidding me.

Jillian said...

I just went to my DD's Year 2 information afternoon where her teacher said she doesn't believe in homework at this age because quite frankly it's just another job for already busy parents to do. I heart her already!

That request is ridiculous. Give him a grey sock, buttons for eyes, pipe cleaners for whiskers and a marker pen for the mouth and anything else a groundhog has. Seriously, MAKING stuffed animals?? These teachers must finish their workday mid afternoon or something!!

marcia said...

Ummm..Ground Hog Day was two weeks ago. Teacher needs to get a clue! Sorry, unlike you, I do not have one crafty bone in my old body!!