Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picture day(s)

Sam had not one, but TWO bloody noses before school today...picture day. We have no first grade picture because Sam was sick last year on both picture day AND re-take day. So I guess the bloody nose picture is better than nothing. Right?
Myles came home with his daycare picture yesterday. In his daycare picture he is wearing clothes that aren't his. Not because he had soiled his own clothes in any way...but apparently because someone at the daycare determined that his own clothes weren't appropriate/cute enough for picture-taking. Should I be insulted?
My friend who is a professional photographer is coming out from Phoenix to photograph my brother's wedding next Saturday (10/10). I haven't seen her since our group trip to Virginia Beach a few years ago. I'm so excited!
I'm already slacking on the photo blogging despite my resolving to do better. Story of my life.


Cat said...

LOL at the Myles story. I could see this happening to me- I dress my son for comfort.

Holley said...

I would be annoyed at them changing his clothes.

What if you put him in something sentimental (like a goofy grandma sweater)? I would get it if you sent him in a profanity laced t-shirt, but otherwise, it is not their place to determine whether an outfit is cute enough.

Maybe I'm just crabby today.

Michele said...

Really? They can just change their clothes like that? I'd be ticked!

Hennifer said...

I'd seriously complain to the daycare about changing his clothes. I think it is way out of line.

A teacher once cut my youngest brother's bangs (and did it poorly) on picture day. Boy did my parents have fun with that one!

Beruriah said...

Eh, I'd save your energy unless you need a good excuse for being pissed off this week. I find it funny that you didn't know UNTIL you got the picture. Were they hoping you wouldn't notice?