Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not as young as I used to be

Last night, Steve went with Sam and the Cub Scouts to a camp-out at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

I sewed for a while (photos pending) and then stayed up until 4am and watched a marathon of DVRed episodes of Raising the Bar (while eating a mountain of candy).

I've only ever had one or two (well-deserved) hangovers in my life.

This is worse.

Not quite as good as travelling to BlogHer or ComicCon (I'm not certain I would survive either of those events at the rate I seem to be aging)...but fun nonetheless.

Now somebody PLEASE pass the coffee.

1 comment:

Bon said...

giggling. there's something weird about being left completely alone when you're not used to it, like you revert to the habits previously held when one had no responsibilities.

i will admit i'm a little jealous. :)