Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Check out my new widget--->

If you've got some spare change, our Animal Protective League could use it!

The shelter was closed to the public for almost three weeks during the month of June due to a small outbreak of Parvo. During that time, we had zero dog adoptions...which means a full shelter and no money coming in. So even if you've got a dollar or two...we would gladly accept it. Just click on the little widget.

Because I know someone will ask...sadly, we lost two litters of puppies and one adult dog to the virus. But thankfully, we were able to bleach the heck out of the place and it didn't spread like if often does in shelters.

Now we just need to find some decent homes for (all of) our doggies.


Lisa said...

Just sent a little's not much but I hope it helps a little! :)

Holley said...

I can't get the widget to work. It might be my computer though.