Tuesday, June 23, 2009

#25 way to change the world

I am late with last week's charitable effort. So I'll just post TWO this week. One now and one Friday/Saturday. OK? OK.

I was walking through the mall last weekend when this bracelet caught my eye. Mr. Umholtz, JB Robinson Jewelers, kindly took it out of the case and let me try it on. He didn't have much more information than what was on the card...With the purchase of the Green Bracelet, $20 or more goes back to Africa to support educational programs where diamonds are a natural resource.

I was intrigued so I looked it up online and found the maker of the bracelet is the Simmons Jewelry Company...the company of the hip-hop celebrity Russell Simmons and model(?) Kimora Lee Simmons (I'll be honest...I only recognize her from Celebrity Baby Blog). And the bracelet is the first in their "Green Initiative," benefitting the Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F.).

Here is a little article about the effort to boost economic development in Africa and provide "conflict free" diamonds in the world market. This is apparently something that has been ongoing since 2006/2007...but we live in the boonies and things are slow to reach us.

It's a little higher price, so it's a good thing to look at for special gift occasions. I told Steve it would be a lovely gift for our upcoming anniversary...15 years (wow!).


KB said...

Oooh... I LOVE that. It's only our 10th this year, but dh was asking what I'd like. I may have to point him in that direction....

KB said...

Right, my husband wants me to tell you THANK YOU - you've solved his "diamonds for the 10th anniversary" gift without throwing us back into the debt we've worked so hard to get away from!!

(and I have to say thanks too... :) )

Valerie said...

Wow... congrats on 15 years, that is a real milestone! What a neat idea for a special occasion gift. I'm bookmarking it for future reference!