Friday, April 17, 2009

Frugal Friday

After a couple weeks off, the cupboards were pretty bare around here. And Easter dinner necessitated the first trip to Giant Eagle...So I'm a bit over budget this week. But not too bad...and we are stocked up on toothpaste for a while now.
Giant Eagle #1
3 2-liters Diet Coke
6-pack Yoplait kids yogurt
2 containers strawberries
6 bakery cupcakes (big splurge)
Sugar free Cool Whip

Spent $15.71
Saved $4.67
Colgate toothpaste
144-count Huggies wipes refill
2 12-rolls Charmin basic t.p.
2 16-count Always ultra
Playtex tampons
3 Dawn
1 2-pack Crest
big bag Whopper Robins eggs (splurge)

Spent $30.12
Saved $32.24
Received $2 ECB back
4 Tuf paper towels
Softsoap body wash
1 Folgers french vanilla
1 Oust
6 Garnier Fructis (2 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 2 hairspray, 1 mousse)

Spent $26.85
Saved $12.99
Received $10 and $1 rebates back
Giant Eagle #2
2 Yoplait gogurt
2 Uncrustables
Van de Kamps fish sticks
2 Hot pockets
Giant Eagle waffles
Gortons salmon
Hot pepperoni
3 Birdseye steamfresh vegetables
2 Pillsbury refrig. pizza crust
2 Sargento shredded mozzarella
Cheese slices
Hillshire Farms Kielbasa
3lbs ground beef
Bob Evans link sausage
Musselman apple butter
Nutrigrain cereal bars
2 boxes poptarts
Rigatoni noodles
2 cake mixes
2 easy mac
2 Chef Michaels dog food
2 cans Chef Boyardee
Spaghetti sauce
Can sloppy joe mix
2 jars pizza sauce
Vitamin water (freebie w/coupon)
4 boxes Rice A Roni
2 6-pack applesauce
2 bags 8 o'clock coffee beans
3 Crystal Light
2 Kotex tampons
Eatsmart veggie crisps
Hamburger buns
Light white bread
Dozen eggs
3 pears
Dozen red apples
6 Hershey's peanut butter eggs (easter clearance)

Spent $126.32
Saved $51.45
Giant Eagle #3

Spent $22.66
Saved $2.02