Friday, March 13, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts

Please don't get your hopes up. Even though I didn't get to Miscellaneous Thoughts last week, I don't have too much insight this week either.
Happy Friday the 13th!
I've fallen behind on my self portrait/photos and my Photo Fridays. I have to break out the camera and really get busy some time this weekend. I should be able to squeeze in a few shots between the APL mall grand-reopening, shopping and lunch with mom, my soon-to-be-sister-in-law's baby shower, and an APL meeting of the Board of Directors. The last time I had a weekend this busy planned, I got the flu. I hope that doesn't happen this time, since Steve's been sick this week with it.
Myles need shoes in order to move up to the toddler room at daycare. There are so many things about this that I am just not ready for, not the least of which is the fact that I had no idea there were so many cute shoe choices for babies! Sam had one pair of shoes when he was that age...and only because I wanted him to wear them in a portrait (yes, I know, my motivations are all weird). We tried that pair on Myles since they are practically new...and they are already too small! So I must find him a new pair (or a decent pair on ebay). Not that I mind shopping, of course. And really...little baby shoes with dinosaurs on freaking cute is that?!?!
I wonder why people post things like, "We have to finish our conversation," or, "See you at 3pm," on Facebook. Is it a status thing? To let the rest of us know that you are a closer friend than we are? Are you establishing an internal ranking of friend status? Well...stop it. It annoys me.
While I'm talking to people who annoy me...
Dear well-built man in a nice warm winter coat and boots getting out of a big Ford truck parked in the spot right near the grocery door...thank you for taking the last close parking space and insuring that I would have to my impractical heels...from halfway across the parking the freezing rain...carrying a wiggly toddler in my arms. You must be related to the other guy that does the same thing at my older son's elementary school Who says chivalry is dead?


Kathy McC said...

I was obsessed with the little leather shoes when Kam was a baby. I miss them. Robeez I think? I, of course, bought the cheaper brand at Target. I think he had four pairs. And now he is obsessed with shoes in general...I wonder if there's a link!

Am laughing, too, at the man in the closest parking spot. That's almost as nice as getting the door let go in your face by a man.

kate said...

The boys have Merrills (spell), one pair each. They have velcro, not ties, and they seem to wear really well. I recently got them rain boots at Target as well but the refuse to wear them. Are these my children?? All the sneaker-type children's shoes i have bought at Target have fallen apart almost immediately.

Pipsylou said...

There are the most awesome little leather shoes at Target for $12. I forget what they are called, but they are wonderful. I wish they made them in Asher's size (gigantor 2 year old feet)...

I could not agree more on the facebook status thing. So much if it is so high school...and then I think, "Do I really care that you are drinking coffee right now? Or why does anyone care that I am?"

very narcissistic, yet I enjoy it.

What does that say about me, pray tell?

Also - not many grumpy people I know spend half of the posts on their blog asking fo rprayer for other people/causes/animals.

That just really annoys me.