Monday, March 02, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts

I'm a little late with Miscellaneous Thoughts for last week for all kinds of crazy reasons, not the least of which is the 24+ hour flu bug I caught...just in time for my Pampered Chef party Friday night. I hostessed from the next room so as not to infect any of my guests. Hey...I'm just THAT classy.
I appreciate all your kind comments to my vent about Sam's teacher. I promise I'm not going to hurt her or anything.

I guess I'm feeling particularly fragile as signs of spring start to show up and I know what's around the corner emotionally for me. I guess I'm just not equipped to deal particularly well with stress right now.

The teacher found the form for day 2 of the great communication experiment. Yay her!

Sam did well on Day 2. Yay Sam!

When I picked Sam up on Day 3, he took one look at me and burst into tears. This is NOT what I was going for. And no, I don't give a rat's ass how good it may be for Sam's future Ivy League education.

I hugged him and just asked, "Not a good day, huh?" Between the sobs, I was able to decipher the story...the math pages were so hard he was only able to get one half done...and he didn't even get to start his other worksheets. But he was not put out into the hall for talking. So I assume (which he confirms) that he tried his best but just had a hard time with the lesson that day.

The thing that bothers me is that he came home with the half-completed math page and one un-started math page and two un-started english/writing pages. If the teacher is teaching to the middle of the road...if she is teaching to the LOW side of the road...why was my kid left floundering on the first page? and what is going on in that class that multiple lessons (in different subjects) pile up while my kid is floundering on the first page? Should he have finally qualified for her attention when it was clear he was stumped? These are just some questions I have.
My husband heard a noise "dragging under his car." He drove to McDonald's anyway (and back home). His right rear tire was flat. Luckily, no bent rims...and he needed new tires on the back anyway.
When Steve and I were briefly considering international adoption, we were strangely attracted to European Adoption Consultants. Then we ran into their Memorial Weekend at the zoo while there for Sam's birthday...two years running. It's as if...I just can't say it because it makes me laugh anymore...but you know...the universe was sending us a sign or something. (insert hysterical laughter here) But anyway, we've always been attracted to this particular agency for some reason. If we were ever to adopt internationally, I'm sure this is who we would go through.

Imagine my surprise Sunday morning to find this article on the front page of our local paper. And then checking out the website and seeing the hope themed video.

I KNOW! Please tell the universe I'm listening...I'm just not sure exactly what the message is supposed to be other than odd coincidence. Adoption? Crafting like Margaret Cole's mother? Donating for the babies in the New Hope orphanage?

But I do know that at this point I want to highlight that I will be using EAC as one of my causes this year. So many adoption agencies closed up shop in Guatemala when it became impossible to operate there. But not Margaret Cole and EAC. I am so impressed by her committment to the children that I want to help in any way I can. And hey...she's a hometown gal too! Keep an eye out for more information on this worthy cause probably as the #10 way to change the world.
My hand healed after I finished the afghan project. Definitely need to find non-metal crochet hooks now. *sigh* This getting old business is weird.

So hookers...what kind of hooks do you like that aren't metal (or plastic...I hate plastic)...that won't put me in the poorhouse?
Gotta go do some work so I don't have to take a full sick day off!

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Holley said...

Okay so the adoption website makes me want to adopt a child. Chas would not go for that at all (space considerations). But it makes me want to adopt all the same.

I'm sorry you are having such headaches about Sam's school.


I hope you are feeling better now.