Saturday, March 14, 2009

#11 way to change the world

In honor of Lucy and her amazing mama, Rachel...
Each day, the staff of Cincinnati Children’s brings hope and healing to sick and injured children. In every building, on every floor, miracles are happening.

You can make an impact in the life of a sick child simply by making a gift to Cincinnati Children’s. In these uncertain economic times, there is no greater investment you can make than in the health of our children.

Click here to explore ways to give.

1 comment:

Pipsylou said...

Dammit, C, every time I come here to your blog I get tears in my eyes. (Don't worry, it's a good thing.) :)

Everyone here has been absolutely, without a doubt, AMAZING. I have no idea how they have done it, but each person we come into contact with (except some clueless surgery interns) has been so caring and compassionate - they usually even hang around to play with her, chat with me about nothing.

Had a panic attack last night, but better this morning.

I am so excited for her to have a colostomy-bag free life.