Monday, February 09, 2009

What a headache

I went to bed last night joking how I'd had such a nice birthday I didn't want to go to work in the morning. Enter migraine headache. So, I didn't go to work...but it wasn't exactly how I'd wanted it.

And then I dragged myself to work for an hour this afternoon with Sam in tow, to be told the clerk's office wouldn't accept my subpoenas because they have decided I should have used a different form. Despite the MANY times they've accepted handwritten crap from pro se defendants on spiral notebook formal filings...MY form isn't correct and they won't accept it.

Not to mention the entire time I was trying to sort out the whole mess, Sam could not stop talking. Seriously, could.not.stop.talking. But when we loaded up in the van to go

And now he has handed me a folder of 17 unfinished worksheets (some unSTARTED even). His immediate (guilty) statement? "I wasn't talking!"

When asked what he was doing instead of his classwork he said, "I was just trying to think of the answers."

Yeah...I know. Things are SO not good with Sam and school...and I feel as though I'm losing the battle. He's now sitting at the dining room table behind me working on ALL the worksheets his classmates presumably finished IN class. But he's not going without a fight.

Draw a picture...he draws a blue square to go with a story about washing laundry...

"A blue square? What is that supposed to be?"

"It's a blue shirt."

"Uh, it doesn't look like a shirt, it looks like a blue square."

"It's folded!"

(me suppressing laughter and his quick thinking and creativity)

"Nice try...that's just lazy...draw something that looks like something to do with the story...not just a blue square."

And then there's the cat who is eating my plants...who opened the aluminum foil and ate my banana bread...who won't stay off my kitchen counters (and is, in fact, at this very moment, licking the spoon that I used to stir the spaghetti sauce for dinner).

Drinking is bad for headaches, right?

At least the baby finally stopped screaming. He has an ear infection and is on antibiotics that make him miserable. He, in turn, makes us miserable.

Fun times.


marcia said...

Headache, indeed!!!!
Today is another day....hopefully a much different one for you!!
Supposed to be 60 degress here, today....maybe you will have Spring there, too!

Hennifer said...

Happy Belated Birthday