Friday, February 20, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts

Nobody in my house listens to me unless I scream. I don't want to scream. *sigh*
I had several client messes to clean up and have been buried under the paperwork required for issuing subpoenas. I'm not entirely sure I like being an attorney this week.
Public school Valentine's party means exchanging valentines with everyone in the class.

Valentine from a girl in Sam's class...

"I'm glad God made us friends!
Happy Valentine's Day!
The Lord loves us very much. PSALM 117:2 ICB

Yeah...that's what I thought too.

Say what you will about politics...this is an unprecedented attempt to actually inform the public about the activities of their government. We not only have the RIGHT to know, but our government is actually trying to be proactive and PROVIDE the information. Sure, it's not perfect...but I am impressed at the attempt to move into the new age of information and leave behind the age of "that's the way we've always done it."
Pet peeve #9562856 = Co-counsel who feel the need to "correct" my work when, in actuality, they are doing nothing more than switching a few words around on the page. It's just rude.
Myles is 15 months old today.
Saw this on Facebook and it made me giggle...

The idea is to Google your name followed by the word "needs" with the entire phrase in quotes - e.g. "Keith needs." Post the first 10 you find (that are non-redundant).

According to the Oracle at Google, here are the things that I need:

1. Catherine needs to put her everyday chair in the car when she drives, she still prefers a rigid chair to a folding chair.
2. Catherine needs a sanctuary, periodic retreat from the world.
3. Catherine needs to go shopping.
4. Catherine Need Your Help!
5. Catherine Needs a Man.
7. Catherine needs to go home.
8. In order to study manners, the character without manners (Catherine) needs both good models and bad.
9. Catherine needs to be wary of becoming too intellectual and airy, too removed from the personal side of life.
10. Catherine needs little introduction.

Other than #1 (which I don't get at all) and possibly #5 (on an average day...though today #5 is negotiable), I think this is pretty accurate.
This is how unusual (and I think, pretty) my mom's first name is. When I search for it on Twitter I only get TWO results (neither of which are her).
We got our federal and state income tax refund and used it to pay some bills that were due. We also were able to get Sam's birthday gift. His birthday isn't until May. I KNOW he's going to love it. I have to find the strength to avoid the temptation to give it to him early.

And yes, I know I just got rid of a bunch of toys...but things have been much better since then. He's actually enjoying some toys I think he forgot he had (now that there is room to play with them without endangering his physical safety). And I know, from experience, that he will take care of this particular new toy once he gets it (it's in line with other toys of the similar persuasion that he has taken excellent care of).

In saying this, I realize that I never got MY birthday present. I will have to correct that oversight today, I think.
Busy weekend planned. I think I'm getting an antique Singer sewing machine for free off Freecycle. I'm so excited!

Just a bit more to do on the granny square afghan I'm doing for a friend. Ends weaved in on all those darn squares. Just trimming out the entire afghan with a row or two of edge stitching (photos will be shared as soon as the edging is done). ALMOST done. Two years isn't it?
The MOM Project officially filed for nonprofit status with the IRS today! YAY! This means that from now on I will pester you all to donate directly through the organization's paypal site...and you can write it off as a charitable contribution too! Double YAY!
I've offended a friend who I communicate with mostly online. I was sarcastic and made jokes at her expense. It was rude and I am sorry I did it.
Speaking of friends...I'm having a Pampered Chef party next Friday and hope to have at least a few friends to the house for it. So far there are five or six who are a definite yes. Yay! But that leads me to my next worry...the menu (because after my social phobias have been resolved I must address my food obsessions)...

The "featured" dish is a apple dessert with hot cocoa to drink. I was thinking of having a couple different cocoas (one sugar free variety for those who can't have sugar). I also have a Tastefully Simple Butterscotch Brickle cheeseball I'll serve with graham crackers. Do I want to serve a "main dish?" I was thinking maybe chili in the crockpot...and some sort of crusty bread to go with. Help!


Aurelia said...

The toy thing I have to admit, is a problem here as well. We've gradually thrown out almost all of the crummy toys and the broken ones, and given away anything we really won't use, and really it helped a lot when they could focus on the ones they liked.

Now I just put some things away and hide them once in awhile then bring them out six months later and they seem way more interested.

JMB said...

Regarding the pet peeve: I soooo hear you. My other personal favorite is the "contracts adminstrator" that either just switches around a couple of words, or uses no independent thought and merely amends my document to look like their form. The urge to strangle is almost uncontrollable. Rude is a very diplomatic way to view it.